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The Polish Law Collection contains Translations of 50 Polish Acts.

The Polish-English “PolTerm” Dictionary of Legal Terms with Definitions

Collection of Legal Instruments

The Polish Law Collection


  • The Civil Code
  • International Private Law
  • The Code of Commercial Partnerships and Companies
  • Bankruptcy and Rehabilitation Law
  • The Freedom of Economic Activity Act
  • Provisions Introducing the Economic Activity Freedom Act
  • The National Court Register Act
  • Provisions Introducing the National Court Register Act
  • The Labour Code
  • The Employment Promotion and Labour Market Institutions Act
  • The Suppression of Unfair Competition Act
  • The Protection of Competition and Consumers Act
  • The Personal Data Protection Act
  • The Economic Matters Hearing Act
  • The Liability of Collective Subjects Act
  • The Foreigners Act
  • The Immovable Properties Acquisition by Foreigners Act
  • The Land and Mortgage Registers and Mortgage Act
  • Public Procurement Law
  • The Investment Funds Act
  • The State Enterprises Act
  • The Commercialization and Privatization Act
  • The Copyright and Neighbouring Rights Act
  • The Crafts Act
  • Cooperative Law
  • Geological and Mining Law
  • The Polish Language Act
  • The Tax Ordinance Act
  • The Natural Persons' Income Tax Act
  • The Legal Persons' Income Tax Act
  • The Goods and Services Tax Act
  • The Excise Duty Act
  • Customs Law
  • Provisions Introducing Customs Law
  • The Stamp Duty Act
  • Act on Tax on Acts in Civil Law
  • The Fiscal Control Act
  • The Accounting Act
  • Banking Law
  • The Public Offer of Financial Instruments Act
  • The Trading in Financial Instruments Act
  • The Bonds Act
  • The Insurance Activity Act
  • Foreign Exchange Law
  • Bills of Exchange Law
  • Cheques Law